The Best Outdoor String Lights And How To Use Them

The Best Outdoor String Lights And How To Use Them


A super easy way to make your patio, backyard or any outdoor area look beautiful and magical at night is by hanging string lights. There are lots of ways to do it and lots of different types of outdoor string lights to choose from. We’re going to have a look at a few projects and a bunch of different products right now. Pick your favorite ideas, adapt them or improve them and get ready to transform the great outdoors.

DIY ideas

A cool way to display string lights outside is by placing them on poles. You can use them to surround a patio or a backyard seating area and create a really nice and pleasant ambiance. At the same time you’ll light up the space so it’s really a great combo. The poles can be inserted into the ground which would be a fixed and more permanent solution but if you prefer something pretties and more interesting you can make some boxes similar to planters. The idea comes from h2obungalow so check out all the details there if you’re interested.

If you have a beautiful tree in your garden or your yard it could be nice to decorate it with some string lights. You can turn one of the branches into an actual light fixture and have a small table and some chairs placed underneath to fully take advantage of the ambiance. In addition to the string lights which you can simply wrap around the branches you can also add some hanging pendants. You can make these with some glass jars and solar lights. If you’re interested, there’s a tutorial on homestoriesatoz explaining the whole project.

Decorating a covered deck or a patio with string lights is quite easy. You can wrap the lights around the poles if there are any and you can also hang them from the roof or the walls. The simplest strategies usually work best so examine your surroundings and come up with a plan. Check out zevyjoy if you’re in need of some inspiration. This beautiful patio could definitely spark some great ideas.

Hanging some string lights outside can really change the look of a house. Take this small patio for example. It definitely seemed like something was missing. The string lights form a nice border around it, giving it more structure and making it seem more cozy and inviting. The lights are attached to poles which are inserted into a series of barrel-style planters. If you want to find out more details about this beautiful transformation you can check out blesserhouse.

If you’re going for a more organic look and a sort of magical and bohemian decor, a cool idea is to use tree thinks or branches as posts for the string lights. You can secure each post to a sturdy concrete base and arrange them all in a circular pattern around a fire pit, leaving room for some seating and furniture.  This magnificent setup can be found on brooklynlimestone.

The best 10 outdoor string lights

There are plenty of different styles to choose from when it comes to string lights. These ones follow a more classic style, featuring 15 clear 11 watt incandescent lights bulbs on a 48 foot long strand. They’re waterproof and very durable which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor areas such as open decks, patios, backyards and gardens. You can hang them on poles, from a tree or arrange them in a cluster and place them at the center of the space to create a sort of casual chandelier.

These adorable string lights are also perfect for outdoor use. this is a 25 foot long strand with 26 glass bulbs in total. These are 1.5” light bulbs with E12/C7 sockets and they give off warm white light. Also, they’re dimmable which allows you to create the perfect ambiance for every occasion. you can connect up to 3 strands in case you need  to make a longer one. Also, you can also get these string lights in 50 ft and 100 ft long strands.

These string lights are quite similar to the ones we just mentioned. They come in 50 ft long strands, each with a set of 50 clear globe bulbs and 10 extra ones. Each bulb measures 1.5” and uses a E12 socket base and 5 watts of power. If any bulb gets damaged or goes out, you can easily replace it and the other ones will remain functional. They give off bright, warm white light. The bulbs are spaced 12” apart and you can link 2 strands for a total of 100 ft in order to cover larger areas.

If you want to light up an area at the back of your garden or if you simply don’t want to worry about any cables and outlets, we suggest solar-powered string lights. These are are a great option. You can install the solar panel on the roof using a clip or you can insert it into the ground. The string lights give out warm white light which it bright enough to light up a patio or a backyard area but are also soft and subtle. They take 6 hours to fully charge and last for 5 hours. They’re waterproof and can withstand rain and winds of up to 50 mph which makes them really versatile and suitable for a variety of different climates.

If you want to light up a small outdoor area or to only add some accent lighting to a porch, a gazebo or a patio, this 25 ft long strand might be enough. It has 25 clear G40 bulbs with a E12 socket base. The bulbs are spaced 12” apart and each strand has end-to-end connections which allows you to attach up to 3 in order to cover a larger area if needed.

These string lights are great for large areas. They have 100 G40 tungsten glass bulbs with a E12 socket and you can connect two strands together if needed. They’re IP44 water-resistant, highly durable and capable to withstand lots of wear and tear and to last for years to come. You also get 20 spare light bulbs. They give off a warm white glow and each bulb works independently which means you can replace or remove each as needed. They’re great for backyards, patios, decks, pergolas, gazebos or terraces and they can also be displayed indoors.

Solar-powered string lights are very convenient and give you lots of freedom to hang them wherever you want outside. These ones need between 6 to 8 hours to fully charge and provide between 8 and 14 hours of light at night. You can choose between 8 different modes to create the perfect ambiance for every space and occasion. These lights are IP65 water-resistant and can withstand rain, wind and damp climates. They’re very easy to install and all you need to do is made sure the solar panel is facing the sun and is secure.

If you prefer a more vintage decor, check out these beautiful outdoor string lights with Edison light bulbs. They come in 20 ft long strands and you can connect up to 5 in order to cover large areas. Each strand had 20 bulbs and a E17 socket base. They’re waterproof , flexible, versatile and able to withstand typical outdoor weather conditions.

These decorative string lights are perfect for creating a vintage bistro-inspired setting right in your own backyard. They’re IP65 commercial grade waterproof which makes them suitable for outdoor areas such as patios, porches, terraces and more and they can withstand all year round usage. These ones come in 35.5 ft long strands each with 30 3.3W LED bulbs.

Fairy lights are quite special and can be used in lots of creative ways. You can place them inside jars to create lanterns or you can use them to decorate various items and spaces. These ones are solar-powered which makes them excellent for outdoor use. They turn on at night automatically and can provide light for up to 8 hours straight. They’re waterproof and very flexible, allowing you to twist and mold them into a variety of shapes.

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